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"This carbon fiber trombone slide is a thing of beauty. While the feel is at first foreign due to its sheer weightlessness, I believe this slide to be something that may someday revolutionize trombone technique for the better - particularly in the areas of velocity and legato; there is such a tension-free ease of motion. And, with the durability of the material, we might all suffer less from the frustrations caused by the inevitable tiny dents incurred over the years. I would definitely recommend a trial of this product!"

Steven Dyer,
Trombone BMus (McGill, Montreal), MMus (DePaul, Chicago) Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba

"After trying a prototype of the new carbon fiber trombone slide I was shocked at how much of our technique is governed by slide weight. I found it mush easier to play not only the fast technical passages but also beautiful smooth slurs. Whether you choose to use it as your primary trombone slide or as a pedagogical tool for releasing the stress from your playing, I would recommend giving this innovative product a thorough test."

Seth Quistad,  
trombonist - Tonhalle Orchestra (Zurich)

"I recently tried Patrick Spurling’s new carbon fiber slide and found the tone it produced holds together nicely and even offers some new colors to the sound.  The most noticeable attribute to this slide is that it is virtually weightless which can be a real advantage in all styles of trombone playing.  Before playing this slide I never considered just how much a slide weighs but this carbon fiber model makes one think twice."

David Garcia
(trombonist with the Zurich Opera)


SPURLINGPL is a Swiss company working currently to produce carbon fiber trombone slides. The concept of an alternative materials trombone slide grew from the 1980 annual conference of the ITA (International Trombone Association) in Nashville, Tennessee. Our recent work on the carbon fiber components for the slide began in 2004 and the results have been astonishing.

Ordering the slides is accepted directly from our contact emails or by telephone. Work on each slide begins upon receipt of payment. This product is handmade and precise finally offering the cutting edge advantage we as players have needed for about 400 years.

Patrick Spurling


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