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Lightweight carbon fiber trombone slides

In 1980 at the annual ITA event in Nashville the alternative materials idea was first mentioned to a prominent maker but the materials of the time were generally inadequate or cost prohibitive.

Thirty years later, after representing Bob Giardineli in Nashville those memorable years earlier, you can now see prototypes and production models at one US location near Washington DC.  Our carbon fiber tubing is a new materials design putting to use rolled carbon fiber construction seen in undersea petroleum industry applications and Boeing airline manufacture. The internal carbon fiber weave is designed to suppress/enhance high/low frequencies as sound passes through the tube. Tubes are marked with an ‘H’ and ‘L’ respectively - indicating the player's preference for a darker or lighter trombone sound.

The trombone slides are  handmade by Randy Mueller, a craftsman of more than 25 years experience.

This carbon fiber trombone slide innovation hinges on the seeming weightlessness of the slide. As a number of professional players have discovered during performance trials, slide technique will need to be relearned. Breaking down the technical limitation of metal slides will eventually lead to players more easily performing at speeds approaching that of fine trumpet and French Horn players.   

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